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We purchased our Black Lab “CRUZ” from SixGun Labradors in August of 2013.  Phyllis and Kevin strive for quality in their dogs. The first thing we noticed was the pups live in their house with them and get a lot of love and attention on a daily basis.  


CruzCruz retrieved his first bird at 8 weeks old on an opening day dove hunt. He had no idea what he was doing.  It was  just his natural instinct to do so.  He hunts 30 to 40 days a season.  He has over 600 retrieves on ducks and geese as a 2 ½ year old.  He is calm and very friendly with our family and is my 16 year old son's best friend.  


Thank you guys for combining great bloodlines with the American Lab and the English Lab. You can see both distinct traits with Cruz. He is very smart and has a ton of drive to please. We lost our Chocolate lab of 15 years and it took us 3 years to get another. Cruz was meant to be. He is everything we could ever want in a family friend and hunting dog. We highly recommend SixGun Labs.   
The Beecroft’s
Frisco TX     

On May 2, 2014, I lost my best friend I started going through a depression stage. I found Sixgun Labradors on-line. I called and talked to Phyllis and told her my story of how I was missing my big girl Ruby.


Phyllis explained on how the puppies are bred and sent me a few pics of the prettiest lil girls that she had left and they would be ready for pick up in a couple weeks. Phyllis sent pics of the puppies every day so I could watch them grow.


Pat and I drove outside of Dallas to pick up our lil girl Shelby. It was luv at first sight. Sixgun had all of their paperwork in order and Phyllis went through everything with us to make sure we knew everything that we had to do once we got home.


Shelby was 90% potty trained and the prettiest lil thing I have laid my eyes on. Shelby is fixing to be 2 years old and there is not a day that goes by that someone compliments me on how beautiful she is and that her coat is so shiney.


I would refer SixGun Labs to everyone and anyone who wants a top of the line Lab. Phyllis is still in our lives every day I send her pics of Shelby and she send me pics of all the new puppies, plus all the pups that were in Shelby's litter. I want to thank Phyllis & SixGun Labs for giving me a new best friend. I truly believe that Phyllis is a blessing giving the right puppies to the perfect families and stays in contact with each and every one of them.

Shelia Archie & Pat Guerrero

In 2012, Nova started our family. She is a beautiful (and shiny) black lab with a gentle Novadisposition, loyal, protective, and full of elegance. From puppy training to AKC Canine Good Citizenship certification, Nova is a superb student and thrives on performing her skills. In 2015, she gained a new best friend in the birth of our first child and spends her days both protecting and nurturing her "sister". Nova's intelligence, demeanor, and good health are attributable to her first-class bloodline and the breeders at Six Gun Labradors. Phyllis and Kevin care deeply for their dogs and we look forward to expanding our family with them again in the future.

- The Tuttle Family